IG live ECONYL® 14 June 2021
10 Jun 2021

Live on Monday, The world of recycling explained: How consumers can do their part

Are you confused about recycling? A 2018 study found that 56% of people in the UK are still unsure about what can and can’t be recycled. There’s also a lot of myths around recycling, recent scandals of recycling being incinerated or shipped to far away places to be dumped have reduced public faith in the […]

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How to Shop Local, Ethical and Organic on a Budget
31 Mai 2021

How to Shop Local, Ethical and Organic on a Budget

It’s long been a conundrum of mine and likely many others, how do we know the votes we are making with our wallet is always the right one? With so many aspects to think about when going to the supermarket or buying pretty much anything, it always feels like a trade-off – trying to support […]

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IG Live ECONYL® Wednesday 26th May
21 Mai 2021

Live on Wednesday, Can the fashion industry truly make the swap from fast to slow?

The next edition of ECONYL®’s Instagram live series will take place on @econylbrand on Wednesday 26th May, with participants Orsola de Castro, expert in the field of sustainable fashion and Founder and Global Creative Director of Fashion Revolution, and Jazmine Rogers, a Black and Mexican creator who uses her platform (@ThatCurlyTop) to focus on sustainable fashion […]

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Podcast & Audio ECONYL®
17 Mai 2021

How Audio is helping reconnect Fashion with the Customer

Podcasts and audio based social media spaces have become the talking point over the past year. With a desperate need for escapism and spare time on our hands, many of us turned to podcasts to fill the void left from restrictions to regular daily activities during the pandemic. But with the fashion industry being centred […]

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Sustainable and Ethical Fashion
03 Mai 2021

The difference between Sustainable and Ethical Fashion and why we need both

Author: Elizabeth Bennett With eco credentials hot property, greenwashing is now commonplace across the fashion industry. Brands may tout that they are ‘slow’, ‘conscious’ or ‘thoughtful’ but in reality these words have been rendered almost useless. Similarly, the terms ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ are bandied around so frequently it’s becoming confusing to get to the bottom […]

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Earth Day Community
26 Apr 2021

How can we ‘restore our earth’ this Earth Day? Rosanna Falconer investigates

Author: Rosanna Falconer Last week’s conversation with Lizzie has given me so much to reflect on, not least the importance and power of community. Even though physical contact has been restricted over the last year, it’s actually made both Planet Patrol and FashMash think laterally and dynamically about the way we can develop our communities […]

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19 Apr 2021

Aquafil joins in Fashion Revolution Week’s action to help amplify unheard voices

This week is Fashion Revolution, a time where the fashion industry comes together to question itself and improve its practices. The week-long event centers around the anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse on 24th April 2013, which killed 1,138 people and injured many more. 2021 marks 8 years since the tragedy, and this […]

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12 Apr 2021

Can wardrobe apps help us fall back in love with our wardrobe?

4 Apps to help you make the most of your closet Author: Jil Carrara Cher’s wardrobe in the 1995 film ‘Clueless’ was every teenage girl’s dream. With a quick scroll she was able to put together an outfit from a computer in front of her rotating wardrobe in a matter of seconds. Now, 25 years […]

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22 Mrz 2021

What is an eco-educator and what role do they have on social media?

Author: Brittany Johnston An eco-educator is a person who has a presence and platform on social media which is used to inform and engage their audience on climate issues, environmentalism, solutions to creating a better future for our planet and reversing the effects of fast fashion and climate change on the planet, without centring their […]

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08 Mrz 2021

6 Fashion & Interiors Brands Empowering Women Around The World

Author: Beatrice Murray-Nag For any brand, being truly sustainable means thinking beyond the environmental impact of each item it creates. Instead, it’s about actively seeking out problems to solve, developing products that turn a business into a force for good in the world. Alongside using low-impact materials and eco-friendly packaging, going one step further means […]

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01 Mrz 2021

You Want To Cut Your Closet’s Carbon Footprint, Here’s How To Start

Author: Lucielle Salomon There’s a certain level of excitement that comes from shopping. But with that giddiness comes a level of responsibility that not many consumers think about. The fashion industry has been deemed one of the biggest polluting industries, requiring a significant amount of water, energy, and crops. Barely any clothes you buy today […]

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22 Feb 2021

6 circular beauty brands to have on your radar

Author: Elizabeth Bennett Circular has become a big buzzword in the world of sustainability and rightly so. Brands that choose to operate with circular principles prioritise the continued use of resources and within this closed loop system waste is greatly reduced. Subsequently, it’s a win-win for the planet and its people. Circular-based businesses have been […]

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