Wear Your Waste is a passionate environmental company that makes clothes from advanced eco materials and has now chosen our ECONYL® regenerated yarn coming from fishing nets and other discarded Nylons.

The brand is based in Tarifa, Spain at the most southerly tip of Europe. A perfect place for beach culture to meet nature and for Wear Your Waste to give back.

Their bikinis are built to last for many years to maximize their life before recycling. They use the highest quality swimwear fabrics, and inks will not fade after a couple of washes or a holiday in the sun. All this quality is obtained using regenerated fishing nets and other pre- and post-consumer waste as a raw material for the production of the ingredients, the ECONYL® yarn.

The prints on these bikinis are exclusive to WearYourWaste. You will not see their artists’ prints anywhere else on the beach. They are unique, interesting, eye-catching and timeless.

WearYourWaste wants to create an entirely carbon neutral and fully recycled product. This is a work in progress. Their stitching still uses unrecycled nylon and the elastane mixed with our regenerated fiber is not recycled either. But they are on a mission to change that.