JERF SPORT is an international sportswear brand based in Turkey.
Thanks to revolutionary technologies of textile industry, they are creating cutting edge designs through unique and exclusive products for the major sports brands of the world.
They, as Jerf, believe that taking part in sports is immensely much more than a necessity but a way of life, for this reason made concurrently sports garments a fashion product. The experience they have gained over many years in the textile and fashion industry has provided them to create products that satisfy every need in terms of fashion, comfort, and innovation.

Jerf is literally a calling for the future of sports fashion industry. They are creating a brand that goes beyond expectations in the field of activewear.

Disposable fashion is growing further year by year. The fashion industry has become the second most polluting industry in the world after oil production. But it is not impossible to make a difference.
The new collection features Naples And Sanibel which are knitted using ECONYL® regenerated nylon. These models stand out both in terms of the importance given sustainable production and in terms of providing feminine design in sports. The Jerf & ECONYL® collaboration aims to raise awareness on environmental issues in sportswear industry with needs and trends.
The Naples and Sanibel design proves it is possible to be environmentally aware and have a sleek appearance at the same time.