PINA deals with sustainable fashion by following the principles of the circular economy, creating eco-sustainable garments that are able to regenerate, leaving like that, a polite mark on the planet.
They are versatile garments, generated by a single matrix, with a minimalist design, made by a traceable and sincere supply chain.

PINA created the architecture of a garment that is reproducible, modular, sustainable in terms of industry and production, according to a design that is shaped on the human figure.

All projects developed by PINA are based on the principles of “Life Cycle Design”: minimizing resources, optimizing the life of a product. How? By extending that of materials.
This is achieved through a digital prototyping laboratory, with the support of what is known as industry 4.0.

Technology, ecology, ethics and awareness.

A conscious fashion, as told by the masterly hands of Italian workmanship, using organic fabrics or those derived by the regeneration processes of waste and plastic materials.


Each garment is created taking into consideration all stages of its life cycle, keeping in mind all activities necessary for manufacturing, distributing, using and lastly discarding the product. All garments are devised to minimize the consumption of materials and energy in their life cycle.

The use of digital technology allows for the optimization of all phases of product development, bringing to life a sustainable vision in terms of costs, production time and material waste.

Each material used by PINA to produce its garments is supplied by virtuous Italian realities well-known in the regeneration processes of waste. An example is ECONYL® yarn, nylon 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, coming from waste such as abandoned fishing nets and old, spent carpets.

PINA’s mission is to create a process in which development, ethics and respect towards the environment can progress together, sharing the same objectives, with the only goal of a social, cultural and economic progress, not of the single individual but of communities as a whole, through the work and attention of everyone involved.