YOQ is a yoga wear based in Tokyo, made for the ocean-loving yogi. They are the first in Japan to make yoga wear from ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Their mission is to contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution as a front-runner in the « plastic-free wave ».

Today the plastic ocean issue is a dire problem that requires urgent action by the entire world. We no longer have a choice but to reassess the way we live, with particular attention to our relationship with plastic.
This is why it was a natural decision for yoq to use ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon fiber that contributes to global waste management and reduction of environmental footprint. By encouraging the growth of renewable and sustainable fashion, the brand is committed to providing smarter consumption choices that help us all on the path to nurturing a conscious lifestyle in harmony with our planet.

Kumiko, the founder of yoq and an ocean-loving yogi herself, saw firsthand the dire situation of the oceans and water ways during her travels around the world. This encouraged her to initiate a personal project that helped her in analyzing her own relationship with plastics and to learn about the reality of plastic waste management in Japan.

“Today we are all dependent on plastic. Even our yoga wear is made of some sort of plastic. I strongly felt that this way of life was contradictory to the teachings of yoga – an ethical way of life that is in harmony with the environment and society. This realization lead me to the development of sustainable yoga wear – my way of offering responsible options to the yoga community and like-minded people.”

Leveraging her knowledge and experience from product marketing in the luxury cosmetics field, the journey of yoq began in January 2018.

yoq is designed to keep you in a yogic state of mind at all times. They recognize the importance of style and comfort. However on top of that, now more than ever, it is important that what you wear „resonates with your values“. That is why they choose ECONYL®, a solution to reducing your environmental footprint.

Their collection made with ECONYL® consists of leggings, yoga shorts and bra tops.

On the mat, dive inwards for a meditative practice. From fabric, cut to seam, every detail is mindfully put together to support every breath and movement.

Off the mat, maintain your zen throughout the day by knowing that you made a responsible choice.