Brand born in San Sebastian, Basque Country, with a know-how of over a century, since the maternal grandmother of the actual direction of the business, was part of the team of the maestro Cristobal Balenciaga in its beginning as couturier in the city of San Sebastian.

BOX San Sebastian manufactures its high-end collection with European materials of maximum quality and respectful with the environment, the most expert handmade and the confidence that the 100% “made in spain” transmits. The design of its leather products, with a special care of the details where it also integrates references, symbology and architecture of the city, are guaranteed by four customer generations.

The brand designs its products with null programmed obsolescence reducing waste maximumly, creating this way products of the highest quality without causing unnecessary damage to the planet. This values are part of Box San Sebastian Manifest and renamed nowaday as Slow Fashion.

Since 2019 we take a step forward in our corporate responsibility policy by incorporating ONDAS as the lining of all our collection, the new sustainable fabrics of Box San Sebastian made out of ECONYL ® regenerated nylon coming from the abandoned fishing nets in the oceans and other waste.

Box San Sebastian collections are thought and designed from a timeless as well as intelligent point of view for the maximum comfort in the use of all of its articles and for endowing them with immense longevity, always with its particular vision of trends and they have implicit values as highest quality, reliability, usability, design, exclusivity and the artisan mastery of four generations.

Gerardo González, CEO and creative director of Box San Sebastian affirms “The style of our handbags, the most recognized product of the brand, is timeless. Eternal handbags, sophisticated and functional, created for a daily use. Handbags “made here” and with the best European leather. Handbags to touch, handbags to smell, handbags to see and to be seen. Handmade handbags with meticulous details, intelligent handbags, handbags created from the magic… Definitely, handbags for today and also for tomorrow.”

Every product is full of passion, compromise and experience. The traditional techniques are supported with the implement of the new technologies, that are accredited with the know- how of the master artisans of Box San Sebastian.