11 Mrz 2020

Classical dance meets sustainability for big dreams

Aisy Dance

AISY DANCE is a personal venture of its founder, for whom the world of classical dance, its aesthetics, strength, and the values it represents had always been a source of inspiration.

Their garments are designed and produced in the Canary Islands by their team, as they believe in the value of what is done with work, dedication and care. The ocean and nature are part of their identity, from its beginning Aisy Dance was conceived as a sustainable brand, and now, using ECONYL® regenerated nylon represents a further step towards this goal.

Aisy Dance aspires to be more than just activewear, it represents perseverance, dedication, effort… values that not only apply to the world of classical dance, but to a particular lifestyle.

Aisy Dance is a brand for modern real-world conscious women. Women who have a dream and know they can achieve it. Whether you’re a consummated dancer, or you’ve started dancing as an adult moved by a dream you had to fulfil… you set your tempo. Your world is Aisy Dance.

They introduced the use of ECONYL® regenerated nylon made out of waste that’s been rescued from landfills and oceans around the world in their second collection.

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