Here is the video of the panel discussion “Weaving sustainability into our textiles” that took place at Plasticity Forum London on September 21st. The event was part of the London Design Festival and sought to bridge the gap between the design community and experts who work with plastic, recycling and the aspects of sustainability which relate to waste reduction.

Giulio Bonazzi, President and CEO of Aquafil, was one of the panelists together with Miriam Turner of Interface and Diana Auria of Auria London. The panel was a great example of collaboration between companies. The first to speak was Giulio Bonazzi who explained what the ECONYL® Regeneration System is and how it was developed. Then Miriam Turner introduced the Net-Works™ project where Aquafil is also involved for the regeneration of the recovered nets into yarn for carpets.  Afterward, Diana Auria spoke about her swimwear collections made with ECONYL® yarn and her new project of upcycling with Sony where she takes wires and makes new products with them.

Referred by the moderator as the gold medal team of the Olympics of plastic and sustainability, the panel was really inspiring. It was a pleasure for us here at Aquafil to join the conversation about such an important topic. We hope you enjoy the talk.