Human beings have been harming nature for centuries with their lifestyles and their endless striving towards growth and development. We ourselves pose the greatest threat to our existence, which is so very much dependant on natural resources and a healthy environment.

The idea of sustainable development appears to be the only path that can ensure non-harmful further development and biological diversity and thus won’t jeopardise the lives of future generations.

How to set foot on the path of sustainable development?

Is taking care of our planet:

  • an unexpected cost we wish to avoid, or
  • an investment for a brighter future?

In this dilemma regarding principles, most of us would probably agree that it represents an investment, but we cannot avoid one key question: how is it possible to realise this idea of sustainable development?

Certainly it must be a gradual process, as there are no shortcuts or quick solutions to the problem! Undoubtedly, it is a challenge that requires raising the awareness of each individual so that companies can manage the transition to sustainable development.

Good practices teach, good examples lead

One of the right paths is emphasising good practices and presenting good examples. They do exist. For years, the “GreenTec Awards”event has been promoting innovative entrepreneurship and at the same time contains the idea of sustainable development and enthusiasm for technology.Supporters of the GreenTec awards are from the areas of business, science, politics and media circles from around the world and there become acquainted with innovations and share their thinking, professional knowledge and enthusiasm.

On the 4th of May, members of the global public that care for our common future will gather again in Munich at the GreenTec award ceremony. Eminent guests will walk the so called “Green Red Carpet”, produced by Aquafil, which is an excellent example of implementing sustainable ideas in everyday life. The green red carpet will in fact be made of a high-quality material that comes from already used and recycled nylon. The story is indeed interesting, and we can only hope it will be inspiring for a number of individuals and companies as well.

A story of harmful waste that becomes quality products

You have no doubt heard of the discarded fishing nets and other non-biodegradable waste items that pose a huge threat to marine life.

  • More than 250 animal species are known to have consumed or become entangled in plastic products.
  • UNEP (The United Nations Environment Programme) estimates that every year approximately 130,000 whales and dolphins become entangled in fishing nets.
  • For some species of seals and sea lions, a 7.9 per cent rate of becoming entangled in our waste has been established[1].

Numerous turtles, fish and sea mammals that become entangled in waste struggle to the point of death. The situation is serious!

However, a different scenario is possible. Aquafil Group  has managed to put a stop to this one way path that leads to pollution. We have turned the tide and discovered an endless cycle of recycling without causing damage and unnecessary causalities. We have developed our own 6-step system of recycling that has resulted in the creation of ECONYL®, a regenerated and high-quality nylon material. The creation process involves collecting waste material that contains nylon, sorting and cleaning the nylon, processing it for the manufacture of new material and fabric and handing it over to the companies that actually manufacture products for final consumers.

Conscious consumers can thus await excellent carpets and various clothing items made from nylon, for example swimsuits, seductive lingerie and even footwear. All products are 100 per cent recyclable. The endless cycle of reuse is thus created!

Something for everyone…something good!

Because we are clearly aware of progressiveness of this idea, we attempt to raise awareness among all generations and to act at all social levels. Cooperation with acclaimed designers, communication with the media, participating at events like the GreenTec Awards…these are the channels that we chose to transfer our sustainable message, and it has turned out to be successful so far. All in all, for the second year we are laying the „green red carpet“ over the path on which sustainable and technological development walk hand in hand.

The new online game is a further sign that we do not deal only with influential individuals but we wish to reach out to the widest possible audience. It will be presented for the first time at the GreenTec Awards event and will be available for your own fun and entertainment on our MEDIA page.

[1] Source: Plastic oceans,