ECONYL® green red carpet was the green path on which stars had access to the event and it was also itself a star of this night at GreenTec Awards in Berlin.

For this project ECONYL® and Vorwerk worked together to produce a green carpet made with ECONYL® for this special event: Germany most famous prizes for sustainability. The carpet was covering the stage, part of the exhibitors area and especially the red carpet area. Indeed, the red carpet normally used in this occasions for the stars “entrance walk” was substituted with our carpet made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn.

During the ceremony TV star Nina Eichinger  talked about the regeneration process behind ECONYL® and the ghost fishing nets recovered and she touched also the carpet to feel how soft it was. She was also at our stand to take pictures with others guests and with famous chef Sarah Wiener among others. Other important guests like Bruno Eyron, Christoph Metzelder, Ralf Bauer, Rea Garvey, Sven Krüger and Marco Voigt came to visit.

At ECONYL® stand we had some Plexiglas cubes with fishing nets and fluff inside so that people could see the kind of waste that we are recovering to make ECONYL® yarn. In this same stand we were inviting people, after trying the ECONYL® carpet, to try ECONYL® socks too and to make a picture with them. It was a big success and many guests came to our area to know more about the ECONYL® story!