In these days Italy is remembering the earthquake that hit the region of Emilia Romagna last year. Close to this anniversary, an event will take place. It is called Eco Days and will be held from the 27th of May to the 9th of June  in Mirabello, close to Ferrara and to the area hit by the seism.

Eco Days is an event related to sustainability where many companies present their solutions  to recycling, energy saving, reuse and resource management. This year Eco Days will be held with an eye to the earthquake.  The house of Legologica, partially built with ECONYL® yarn, will be the symbol of a sustainable architecture that can also be of great help in case of tragedies like the Emilia earthquake.

A Legologica home is a living unit assembled with bricks that are created with big nets made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn,  filled with natural and recycled materials coming from the surrounding areas. In this case, the nets will be filled with: earth, sand, stones, brush, wood and bark.  Once filled, the nets are given the shape of many big bricks and the house is assembled with them.

Legologica is part of a project that started  last year  in Italy from the idea of Studio UXA, SA Workshop+BBStudio and Architect Francesco Bombardi. Since then, it has been rewarded with various architectural prizes.  The Legologica houses are sustainable, transportable (no foundations), modular and anti-seismic. Beside this, the Legologica is designed with a “chimney” type of roof that transforms it into an energy class “A” house. These characteristics make it an interesting choice for rural hotels, didactic facilities, bivouac and shelter for emergency situations.

A Legologica house made also with ECONYL® yarn will be built in the upcoming months  and then donated to the city of Mirabello to become a new public space for citizens to aggregate and meet together.  The idea came from Architect Massimo Davi in collaboration with studio UXA that kept track and put all the efforts to make this possible.

This is another interesting application of a sustainable product like ECONYL® yarn produced using pre- and post-consumer waste.Original project:

SA Workshop+BBstudio, Architect Francesco Bombardi


In charge of the Legologica 2 Project, Mirabello:

For Arch. Ardigò e Arch. Bombardi: Studio UXA – Arch. Massimo Davi