Design is infinite. Style is infinite.
ECONYL® is infinite.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon opens up endless possibilities for the people who make and wear apparel.

Fashion-forward brands and designers use ECONYL® regenerated nylon to create beautiful products that also drive the industry towards a sustainable future. ECONYL® regenerated nylon performs exactly the same as brand new nylon but gives you a sustainability edge, turning trash into treasure.


In fashion, you can find ECONYL® regenerated nylon in high-end designer handbags, stylish clothes, hosiery and lingerie. And in sports, you can find it in high-performance sportswear, swimwear and outdoor apparel. ECONYL® regenerated nylon promotes constant creativity, wherever it’s used.

Discover the brands using ECONYL®

20 Okt 2018

Timeless beauty, slow fashion and Mediterranean minimalism

Ilovebelove philosophy is to create swimsuits inspired by the Mediterranean, its lifestyle, light, colors or architecture. Their betting on timeless garments with clean lines, comfortable and respectful with the environment. Ilovebelove swimsuits are hand made in local workshops, thus supporting local and proximity production. And are made with premium Italian fabrics that have ecological production certificates […]

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18 Okt 2018

Menesthò collections

Menesthò is a London-based Designer Swimwear Brand, awarded as the “Best Sustainable Handmade Swimwear – UK” by Lux Life and featured in many prestigious UK magazines. Menesthò’s collections are handmade on order to ensure a high quality and luxury service to all their customers, as every single piece of the collection can be customized by […]

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17 Okt 2018

Blue ocean obsession with boo surfwear

Founded by two surfgirls and ocean lovers at heart, boo surfwear is a german-based surfwear label. Boo stands for blue ocean obessed. The bikini collection, inspired by surf spots all around the world, offer unique functionality and great design. All the styles are reversible, mix and match and come with adjustable sliders they can fit […]

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15 Okt 2018

Swimwear for care-free coastal living and active lifestyle by Kaira Active

Roaring into the world like a giant rip curl with super swells, Kaira Active is a brand that impeccably (and fashionably) embodies a balance of care-free coastal living and an active lifestyle. Inspired by the magic of the Hawaiian Islands, their activewear collections prove you can be both on trend and comfortable while taking on […]

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13 Okt 2018

Swimwear to feel good in by Miss Janna

Miss Janna creates beautiful swimwear focusing on how women should feel in their swimwear – confident and good looking. The founder could not find any fitting swimwear when creating the brand. They were all too sporty, tiny or covering. So, she created her own swimwear to feel stunning and practical in. The second step was […]

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12 Okt 2018

Minimalistic, timeless and luxurious swimwear and activewear by Vinnia

Vinnia is a brand that designs swimwear and activewear for women. Their designs are minimalistic, yet very timeless and luxurious. Their goal is for women to feel beautiful and confident in what they wear by carefully choosing fabrics, colors and creating designs with thought-out details. Everyone can pick the preferred cut and combine the bikini […]

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