01 Dec 2017

MEDIUM – Saving the Oceans Means Saving Ourselves

An Inside Look at Ocean Protection Efforts with Veronika Mikos of Healthy Seas Oceans are the source of livelihood for millions of people, and the home to hundreds of thousands of distinct species. In fact, we’re all connected to the oceans, and we all have the responsibility to protect them. Recently, an important global event for […]

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02 Nov 2017

MEDIUM – 5 interior design trends for 2018

From living bigger to living better By ege carpets Fashion and interior design still mirror time and society but have somewhat lost a little attractiveness in the bigger picture. Not completely, of course, but in the sense that other industries have grown in popularity — among these are technology and cars. Private and professional consumers seek a change […]

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31 Oct 2017

Our webinar: Innovation in materials production and building construction

Last week on Wednesday, October 25th, we broadcasted our first webinar for interior designers and architects. The title was “Innovation in materials production and building construction“. The webinar focused on the definition of sustainable building products and introduced some of the most important sustainability labels in the market that are recognized in the main sustainability […]

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03 Oct 2017

A unique green carpet to celebrate sustainable fashion in Milan

Many named it the climax event in the 2017 Milan Fashion Week. It is the first edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia, organized by Eco-Age with the Italian National Chamber of Fashion. Our ECONYL® yarn was present both as the ingredient of a unique red-green carpet that decorated “Piazza della Scala” on the […]

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21 Sep 2017

CO|TE at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia with the ECONYL® yarn

Many named it the climax event of the 2017 Milan Fashion Week. It is the first edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia organized by Eco-Age with the Italian National Chamber of Fashion. Our ECONYL® yarn was present both as the ingredient of a unique green carpet that decorated “Piazza della Scala” on the […]

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08 Aug 2017

Healthy Seas in action in the UK

This weekend the Healthy Seas diving team was on a mission again. This time, the diving activity was planned in one of the most dived wrecks in the UK, out from the coast of Cornwall. Aquafil joined the Healthy Seas’ team along with our customer and Healthy Seas partner, Milliken. The wreck was the James […]

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02 Aug 2017

We owe the Earth!

Once again, it is Earth Overshoot Day, and as last year and all the years before, the date is coming sooner and sooner on the calendar. We are talking about the day in a year when we start to consume more natural resources and produce more waste than the Earth is able to regenerate and […]

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25 Jul 2017

MEDIUM – 5 fashion trends in sustainable swimwear for summer 2017

This summer, it’s not just about looking good, but also feeling good — for buying responsible clothing that makes a positive impact on the wellbeing of our environment. Sustainability is a hot topic in the fashion world, and conscious consumers today have the opportunity to choose from many products with a reduced environmental impact. Our partners — brands that […]

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06 Jul 2017

Share a Vision, Start your Action: ECONYL® participates at ISKO Sustainability Panel at Panorama Berlin

How can sustainability influence the daily behavior of consumers? – Maria Giovanna Sandrini, Brand and Communication Manager for the Aquafil Group, participated on July 5 at the ISKOTM Sustainability Panel at the Panorama Berlin. She discussed with Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Director ISKOTM, Denim Inovator Adriano Goldschmied and the CSO of Panorama Berlin, Fares G. […]

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01 Jul 2017

Net-Works™ initiative awarded “Partnership of the Year” at National Recycling Awards

On June 28th, Interface, the Zoological Society of London and Aquafil were named “Partnership of the Year” at the National Recycling Awards in London for their collaboration in the Net-Works™ initiative. Net-Works is an innovative business model that empowers people in coastal communities in the developing world to collect discarded nylon fishing nets by removing them from the […]

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11 May 2017

Giulio Bonazzi representing Aquafil sustainability journey at 2nd International Circular Change Conference

Our CEO Giulio Bonazzi will be one of keynote speakers at the 2nd International Circular Change Conference, which will be held on 11th and 12th of May in Ljubljana and Maribor. His speech, entitled “Emergence of the Circular Culture in a Sustainable Business, will show Aquafil’s successful journey towards full sustainability as one of the […]

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09 May 2017

Ready for 5th Copenhagen Fashion Summit?

On May 11, 2017 the fifth edition of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The summit is the world’s most important event on sustainability in fashion and offers a meeting platform for the fashion sector’s decision makers and creatives to learn and engage with industry frontrunners. We will be there to […]

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