24 Feb 2015

Aquafil CEO to speak at TEDx Marrakesh

Society as a whole is beginning to see the bright side of today’s environmental challenges! Aquafil CEO Giulio Bonazzi agrees and continues to push forward towards a brighter future. Bonazzi will share his struggles and vision for the future at the 4th edition of TEDxMarrakesh on February 28, 2015. This year’s theme, “Always look on the bright side”, […]

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20 Feb 2015

The Challenge of Sustainability

The ECONYL® journey continues with Mr. Calenti’s first — and lasting — encounter with sustainability and circular economy, when “sustainability” and “circular economy” had not yet become buzzwords. Enjoy! The Challenge of Sustainability

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27 Jan 2015

We walk the talk of sustainability

Go behind the scenes of the ECONYL® project with Mr. Bonazzi, president of Aquafil, as he talks candidly and extensively about how ECONYL® was brought to life and the importance of actively pursuing sustainability goals. Enjoy! We Walk the Talk of Sustainability

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16 Dec 2014

Can Technology Help Clean Up the Oceans?

A very interesting article by Leon Kane and Wired to understand better where we are in the fight against ghost nets and ghost gears. The article summarizes the ideas, proposals and problems discussed during the round table of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative, an alliance founded by World Animal Protection in order to save millions of marine animals and create […]

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01 Dec 2014

AQUAFIL with ECONYL® wins the German Sustainability Award for “best resource efficiency”

PRESS RELEASE Arco (Italy) / Dusseldorf, 30.11.2014 At the prestigious awards ceremony the jury honored the commitment of Aquafil throughout the value chain with the development of ECONYL® regeneration system and the special services in the fight against one of the greatest environmental problems of our time: marine pollution. On Friday evening, Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart […]

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20 Nov 2014

Aquafil and the ECONYL® Regeneration System nominated for prestigious German award

Aquafil’s  ECONYL® Regeneration System has been nominated along with three other companies in the “Ressourceneffizienz” (resource efficiency) category for the prestigious Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis. The jury recognized Aquafil‘s efforts towards sustainability across the entire supply chain, particularly the recovery of waste material to create regenerated Nylon 6 products through the ECONYL® Regeneration System. The winner will be announced […]

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20 Nov 2014

Julon awarded with Slovenian environmental award for the ECONYL® Regeneration System

The Slovenian company Julon that belongs to Aquafil Group and is the heart of the ECONYL® Regeneration System was selected for one of the three awards granted and sponsored by the Slovenian magazine “Finance”. During the ceremony held on November 19th in Ljubljana, three awards were appointed in three categories: Ecological product: Knauf Insulation Ecological process: […]

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19 Nov 2014

Roundtable meeting of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative in Ljubljana

From November 13-14, 2014, the Aquafil Group supported and endorsed the inaugural roundtable meeting of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Organized by World Animal Protection, the roundtable meeting brought together UN agencies, industry leaders and non-governmental organizations to address the growing issue of ghost gear in oceans. The initiative aims to achieve safer, cleaner oceans by […]

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05 Nov 2014

The ECONYL® brand and Aquafil at Sustainable brands London

Maria Giovanna Sandrini, brand and corporate communication manager of Aquafil will be in London today talking about the new supply chain that Aquafil has been developing in these years to create the innovative ECONYL® regenerated yarn. The title of the conference is “The Circular Economy: Q&A around Leading Case Studies” and it will be mostly an open […]

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16 Oct 2014

Adriatic Sea a pioneer in the Mediterranean region for recovery and reuse of fishing nets

PRESS RELEASE Ancona, 16th October 2014  Aquafil, ECNC Land & Sea Group and Star Sock Adriatic Sea a pioneer in the Mediterranean region for recovery and reuse of fishing nets With the Italian Port of Ancona promoted as national ‘collection point’ and trawl vessels becoming involved for the benefit of the environment, the Adriatic Sea […]

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08 Oct 2014

Diving season ends with German ZDF troupe

The diving season for Healthy Seas in the North Sea came to an end with the final days of September, but there is still plenty to talk about and even more to come.  In fact, Healthy Seas divers in collaboration with a troupe of German TV ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) filmed the season’s final recovery trip and […]

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29 Sep 2014

Drone video of nets clean up by LAUE

On September 2014, LAUE (Los Angeles Underwater Explorer) team organized another clean up session in the Infidel wreck, 45 meters deep, at the east end of Catalina Island off Southern California. The project to clean this location started two years ago and is still in progress. The wreck starts to look much better after all these cleaning […]

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