SUGGESTED SWAP – Preserving water, a precious Planet resource

Could you switch to the 5 minute shower challenge? 🚿 Showers are one of the biggest uses of household water, using high levels of this precious natural resource (roughly 12 litres per minute) and contributing to C02 emissions through energy-usage as well. In fact, even your choice of showerhead can have an impact on the […]

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SUGGESTED SWAP – Cycling is the most planet-friendly way to travel

Wouldn’t it be better if more people cycled? “YES!” is the answer for both our planet and our own health and wellbeing too! Cycling has a carbon footprint of roughly 21g of CO2 per kilometer which is even less than walking – and, it releases less than a tenth of emissions compared to driving, making […]

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Shampoo Bar

TODAY’S SWAP – let’s talk about haircare

Have you tested out Shampoo Bars? Ditch the usual single-use plastic bottles and go for a more eco-friendly haircare alternative with a natural shampoo or conditioner bar  Just like any other soap, these bars are easy to use and typically come in recyclable packaging. Their compact size and lightness helps to reduce the carbon footprint […]

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TODAY’S SWAP – Have you ever try bamboo toothbrushes?

1 Billion toothbrushes are thrown away every year in America according to Foreo.   That’s a huge amount of plastic waste being generated, with each item taking years to breakdown in landfill.   Our advice? Make the switch to bamboo instead! Bamboo toothbrushes are much kinder on the planet. Each brand will share guidance on […]

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TODAY’S SWAP – Refillables deodorants in a range of scents

Today, stop using plastic-wrapped or aerosol deodorants. Switch them to refillable, natural alternatives. With fewer chemicals and less disposable packaging, it’s a gentler choice for both your body and the planet. “by Hhumankind” and “Wild” offer refillables in a range of scents, so you can pick and choose from your favourites time and time again […]

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TODAY’S SWAP – Reduce single-use plastic with reusable straws

An estimated 500 million plastic straws are used in the US every day, according to the National Park Service. Companies and countries all over the world have recently banned plastic straws, so now’s the perfect time for an eco-alternative. Re-usable straws come in different shapes, colours and materials. Whether you prefer bamboo or metal, there’s […]

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TODAY’S SWAP – Do not shop new, shop refillable

Once you start trying to reduce your household plastic waste, it suddenly appears everywhere you look! 🗑️ Household cleaning products often come in plastic containers, and while there are eco-friendly options out there that use recyclable packaging, you can reduce plastic consumption by 75% if you make the swap to refillable products. Currently only 1 […]

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TODAY’S SWAP – Drop single-use plastic for food protection

If your lockdown is anything like ours, you’re probably spending more time in the kitchen than before. While prepping meals or saving leftovers, it’s easy to find yourself reaching for plastic containers or cling film – but next time, stop! These materials contribute to unnecessary household waste and can pollute our environments when they end […]

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TODAY’S SWAP – Grocery shopping more eco-friendly

It can take over 500 years for a single plastic bag to degrade in landfill, according to the Centre for Biological Diversity 🌏. But every lifestyle choice we make, however small, can have a positive environmental impact. Switching from single-use plastics to reusable alternatives is a simple way to cut down on unnecessary waste. Designed […]

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SWAP SHOP tea bags

TODAY’S SWAP – Plastic-Free Tea Break

Did you know that your teabags may contain plastic? Swapping to loose leaf tea could make for a more eco-friendly tea break! What you need to know: Plastic is often used to seal teabags making them non-recyclable or biodegradable. A plastic sealant is often used to contain the tea leaves within the bag itself, a […]

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Pama London swap shop

TODAY’S SWAP – Activewear made sustainable with Pama London

With the turn of a new year comes a fresh resolve to stay active. This seasonal transition is the perfect time to renew your commitment to self-care, health, and wellbeing. Beyond just gearing up for a good workout, athletic wear is becoming more of a staple for daily wear, and it has never been easier […]

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Makeup Pads Swap

TODAY’S SWAP – How do you wash your face?

9.3 million face wipes are flushed every day Did you know that the majority of cotton buds, cotton pads and face wipes contain the plastic polypropylene which doesn’t decompose and once it enters landfill or our oceans, it stays there, causing havoc for the wildlife? While convenient, the way that we dispose of our face […]

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