17 Jun 2014

The story behind the ECONYL® carpet

It has been two years now since the ECONYL® carpet made its first appearance in an important sustainability event. The first time was at the Green Tec Awards in Berlin in 2013, which was replicated this year in Munich. Also, this year the ECONYL® Green Carpet was the red green carpet at the Observer Ethical Awards in London. […]

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12 Jun 2014

The night of the Observer Ethical Awards

Yesterday night, the Observer Ethical Awards was held in magnificent One Marylebone, formally Holy Trinity Church in London and the catwalk of VIP and stars was on the ECONYL® green carpet, participating for first year to this incredible event. The awards have been running for nine years now and are one of the greatest celebration of environmental […]

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11 Jun 2014

Healthy Seas at Green Week 2014

On the 3 – 5 of June, Healthy Seas was at Green Week in Brussels. The theme for this year was Circular Economy; saving resources, creating jobs. Healthy Seas had a very popular stand where people could admire the products created with ECONYL® regenerated yarn coming also from the abandoned fishing nets recovered by the initiative. EU Commissioner for […]

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09 Jun 2014

Opening of the diving season for Healthy Seas

Saturday 26 April, the first Healthy Seas clean-up diving trip took place in the North Sea. The location for this first dive was a shipwreck called “Chamber –pot wreck”. Healthy Seas volunteer divers descended the 30 meters of the wreck and managed to clean the wreck of a total of 100 kilograms of discarded fishing nets. This wreck is […]

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06 Jun 2014

Let this summer be green!

Summer is a time to go on vacation, relax, unwind at the seaside, do outdoor sports, wear light clothes and don swimwear. But before we drift away completely and start enjoying the warm sun, nature and the freshness of the water, we must think about our impact on nature. What are we doing as individuals […]

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05 Jun 2014

Our World Environment Day

The ECONYL® brand is proud to support and celebrate today the World Environment Day. How we are honoring it? Working as we do every day trying to improve our positive impact on the planet by recovering Nylon waste all over the world to regenerate it into ECONYL® nylon yarn for new sustainable products. With our […]

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04 Jun 2014

The ECONYL® Green Carpet Makes Its Debut at the 2014 Observer Ethical Awards

ECONYL® is proud to be a category sponsor at the upcoming Observer Ethical Awards on June 11, 2014 in London. Guests will walk the ECONYL® green carpet upon arrival as they prepare to honor the evening’s stars – local and global environmental advocates. This year’s Observer Ethical Awards hosts 10 categories ranging from unsung heroes to community […]

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26 May 2014

Save the oceans, feed the world!

Is it possible that the struggle to fight world hunger can go hand in hand with marine conservation? Marine biologist Jackie Savitz thinks it can and she is passionate that saving the seas is not only an ecological or economic pursuit, it can really feed the world. In this interesting TED conference Jackie Savitz, vice president for […]

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23 May 2014

Sea change through ghost nets recovery

This new video by WSPA explains all we need to know about the dangers of fishing nets, but it also fulfill another important task, to give visibility to many inspirational solutions already taking place throughout the world to tackle the problem of ghost nets. These projects can be replicated or extended around the world with great results. We […]

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19 May 2014

Help Nylla recover nylon waste around the world

The first two stages of the ECONYL® game “NYLLA” is now available online.  The demo version was launched at the GreenTec awards in Munich, Germany on May 4, 2014. Nylla the turtle is playing the role of hero as she recovers nylon waste around the world. First, she explores the depths of the seas to recover […]

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06 May 2014

Nylla and ECONYL® brand make a splash at GreenTec 2014

The stars were out in full force at the GreenTec 2014 Awards in Munich. VIPs and other guests walked the ECONYL® “Green Red Carpet” as leaders in the sustainability community gathered to celebrate the night’s events. ECONYL® by Aquafil had a great showing with many guests stopping by the booth to partake in the launch […]

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30 Apr 2014

Paving the Path of Sustainable Development – GreenTec 2014

Human beings have been harming nature for centuries with their lifestyles and their endless striving towards growth and development. We ourselves pose the greatest threat to our existence, which is so very much dependant on natural resources and a healthy environment. The idea of sustainable development appears to be the only path that can ensure non-harmful further development […]

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