15 Sep 2014

Aquafil’s New Sustainability Report

The Aquafil Group recently released the 2013 Sustainability Report. Included in this report was a section dedicated to the business transactions and environmental impact of ECONYL®. The most notable environmental statistics of 2013 were reflected in the comparison of raw caprolactam versus ECONYL® regenerated caprlactam. Using the ECONYL® Regeneration System, greenhouse gas emissions were 55% less […]

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12 Sep 2014

Triple Pundit on ECONYL® and Nylla game

By Leon Kaye “From Fishing Nets to Carpet, ECONYL Invests in More Nylon Recycling” “One does not have to look far to see how the production of textiles has a huge impact on our planet, water and land. And if you add the effects of the carpet industry, the story becomes even more worrisome. While carpet recycling has improved in recent years, the […]

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04 Aug 2014

Net-works fishing nets arrived in Ajdovscina for regeneration

On July 30, 2014, a container with 9 tons of nets arrived in Ajdovscina, Slovenia from the Philippines. It was a long journey for these monofilament nets that were recovered by local villagers participating in the Net-Works™ project. Net-Works is a community-based initiative established by Interface and the Zoological Society of London to recover nets from fishing villages […]

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17 Jun 2014

The story behind the ECONYL® carpet

It has been two years now since the ECONYL® carpet made its first appearance in an important sustainability event. The first time was at the Green Tec Awards in Berlin in 2013, which was replicated this year in Munich. Also, this year the ECONYL® Green Carpet was the red green carpet at the Observer Ethical Awards in London. […]

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12 Jun 2014

The night of the Observer Ethical Awards

Yesterday night, the Observer Ethical Awards was held in magnificent One Marylebone, formally Holy Trinity Church in London and the catwalk of VIP and stars was on the ECONYL® green carpet, participating for first year to this incredible event. The awards have been running for nine years now and are one of the greatest celebration of environmental […]

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04 Jun 2014

The ECONYL® Green Carpet Makes Its Debut at the 2014 Observer Ethical Awards

ECONYL® is proud to be a category sponsor at the upcoming Observer Ethical Awards on June 11, 2014 in London. Guests will walk the ECONYL® green carpet upon arrival as they prepare to honor the evening’s stars – local and global environmental advocates. This year’s Observer Ethical Awards hosts 10 categories ranging from unsung heroes to community […]

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23 May 2014

Sea change through ghost nets recovery

This new video by WSPA explains all we need to know about the dangers of fishing nets, but it also fulfill another important task, to give visibility to many inspirational solutions already taking place throughout the world to tackle the problem of ghost nets. These projects can be replicated or extended around the world with great results. We […]

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30 Apr 2014

Paving the Path of Sustainable Development – GreenTec 2014

Human beings have been harming nature for centuries with their lifestyles and their endless striving towards growth and development. We ourselves pose the greatest threat to our existence, which is so very much dependant on natural resources and a healthy environment. The idea of sustainable development appears to be the only path that can ensure non-harmful further development […]

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05 Sep 2013

GreenTec stars on ECONYL® green red carpet

ECONYL® green red carpet was the green path on which stars had access to the event and it was also itself a star of this night at GreenTec Awards in Berlin. For this project ECONYL® and Vorwerk worked together to produce a green carpet made with ECONYL® for this special event: Germany most famous prizes for sustainability. […]

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22 Apr 2013

ECONYL® yarn to build a special house for town hit by the earthquake

In these days Italy is remembering the earthquake that hit the region of Emilia Romagna last year. Close to this anniversary, an event will take place. It is called Eco Days and will be held from the 27th of May to the 9th of June  in Mirabello, close to Ferrara and to the area hit […]

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