12 Apr 2016

Aquafil with the ECONYL® brand at the REGENERATION event

Within a few hours we will participate to REGENERATION, an event that has a lot in common with our brand of regenerated yarn, ECONYL®. The REGENERATION 2016 conference will take place near our headquarter in Italy, in the Trentino region. It is a 64-hours European design competition organized by Macro Design Studio in collaboration with the International Living Future and the […]

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04 Apr 2016

MEDIUM – “Greening” the red carpet

Celebrities can make a great contribution to raise the awareness about climate change challenges. By lending their voice and by being role models for many, the message of the importance to act on climate change can have a significant reach. We are very happy many celebrities use their fame to get the message to the […]

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14 Mar 2016

MEDIUM – How to Clean Your Carpet Sustainably

To make sure your sustainable carpet would keep its sustainable characteristics over entire life, make your maintenance and cleaning routine more green. Our new Medium article focuses on tips to make your carpet cleaning routine more sustainable. Enjoy!

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24 Feb 2016

Aquafil with ECONYL® and Milliken partner to create green carpet for Global Green Pre-Oscar Party

With the shared mission of merging beauty and sustainable design, Aquafil and Milliken have partnered to create and debut a custom-designed green carpet that will grace the step and repeat at Global Green’s 13th annual Pre-Oscar Party. More than 500 guests, including celebrities, eco-luminaries, environmental companies and political leadership from around the world will gather on Feb. 24, 2016 […]

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17 Feb 2016

ECONYL® yarn inside electric cars

Aquafil is proud to announce that its ECONYL® 100% Regenerated Nylon fiber is the sustainable material chosen by BMW for producing the interior mats of their innovative and visionary electric vehicle BMW i3. The principle behind BMW i perfectly matches with the vision behind the ECONYL® brand which is all about regeneration. It’s about the […]

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28 Jan 2016

The new ECONYL® StayClean

At this year’s Domotex we launched the ECONYL® StayClean yarn. A special fiber that besides having intrinsic stain-free properties it is also 100% regenerated from Nylon waste material recovered all over the world. So for the first time, stain-free carpets don’t have to come at the expense of the environment. We spent the last months testing […]

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18 Jan 2016

New Sublime Collection by Balsan with ECONYL® StayClean

In these days at Domotex, in Hannover, we are launching the new ECONYL® StayClean yarn. It is a solution dyed Nylon 6 yarn made from 100% regenerated Nylon that ensures ultimate stain protection for carpets. The fiber has been tested for many different kinds of stains and has been developed in collaboration with one of our client Balsan, […]

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16 Jan 2016

The ECONYL® StayClean

For the first time, stain-free carpets don’t have to come at the expense of the environment. We have invented the ECONYL® StayClean yarn. This fiber is intrinsically stain-resistant and can be cleaned with an easy water-only treatment. Being ECONYL®, it is also more sustainable than common Nylon yarn as it comes from pre- and post-consumer waste material […]

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14 Jan 2016

The train of the future may not be the one you’ve seen in science fiction movies

THIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED ON FORBO’S TRANSPRESSBLOG Science fiction movies prepared us for the most outstanding and peculiar means of transportation in the future, but it did not succeed in correctly forecasting what was going to disrupt the industry. A new mix of life changing trends are shaking things up in this sector, offering a […]

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30 Nov 2015


Architect@Work Milan took place last week and we were on hand to present ECONYL® as a sustainable material for design. Apart from the ECONYL® Regeneration System, we also debuted our new e-book: “5 REASONS FOR INTERIOR DESIGNERS AND ARCHITECTS TO USE SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS.” To download, click here. We had the chance to discuss the many benefits of sustainable materials and the future of design […]

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27 Nov 2015

ECONYL® red green carpet at the Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitspreis

At this time last year, Aquafil was awarded the resource efficiency category by the Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitspreis for its ECONYL® Regeneration System. The jury rewarded Aquafil for its hard work and dedication to sustainability because “the company has introduced new processes and technologies across the value chain and built new partnerships with partners to close fiber circuits and to improve resource efficiency.” The 2016 awards ceremony took place […]

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23 Nov 2015

Suminoe presents first collection made with ECONYL® yarn

Last week our Japanese client Suminoe presented their first collection of carpets made with ECONYL® yarn at JapanTex, Tokio. The name of the collection is ECOS EX-7000 and has an innovative recycling technology of PVC backing materials in combination with 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarn coming from pre and post-consumer waste. With this collection, Suminoe achieves […]

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