The ocean plastic problem and the pandemic

Chances are, you’ve probably heard the statistic that by 2050 there could be more plastic in our oceans than fish. If not, you may have read that the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans every single minute. It’s certainly scary stuff. Thanks to the Blue Planet effect (David Attenbourgh’s […]

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TODAY’S SWAP – Drop single-use plastic for food protection

If your lockdown is anything like ours, you’re probably spending more time in the kitchen than before. While prepping meals or saving leftovers, it’s easy to find yourself reaching for plastic containers or cling film – but next time, stop! These materials contribute to unnecessary household waste and can pollute our environments when they end […]

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Bond Morgan

Sustainable multi-functional, multi-purpose bag with a focus on circular materials

BOND MORGAN released the new Mutatio collection. The Mutatio collection brings adaptation into the consumers’ hands. Rucksack to Tote, Satchel to Handbag, all by a combining of strap and body adjustments on a bag that can be adapted for any age or gender. BOND MORGAN innovates with carefully selected pieces ECONYL® regenerated nylon, used in […]

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Botanical Beach Babes

Elegant Luxury Swimwear with an eye for Sustainability

BOTANICAL BEACH BABES LOS ANGELES® features an elegant assortment of luxury sustainable swimwear and resort wear collections exclusively created by their global network of Creative Directors from California, Australia, France, Italy, Switzerland, & Spain. Select from a beautiful variety of swimwear styles designed using the highest quality Italian fabric resistant to chlorine and oils made with […]

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Sustainable development goals

Have you ever heard of the Sustainable Development Goals? What are they and how can you contribute?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 international development goals which set out to achieve universal health of the planet and people over the next 10 years. They were created by world leaders and ultimately cover sustainable development’s three dimensions: economic growth, social inclusion, environmental protection. While the SDGs require seismic change […]

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TODAY’S SWAP – Grocery shopping more eco-friendly

It can take over 500 years for a single plastic bag to degrade in landfill, according to the Centre for Biological Diversity 🌏. But every lifestyle choice we make, however small, can have a positive environmental impact. Switching from single-use plastics to reusable alternatives is a simple way to cut down on unnecessary waste. Designed […]

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Mixing “Void” and “Movement” with Sustainability

VOIMENT is a Chinese brand that produces women lingerie and swimwear. VOIMENT is a combination of two words, “void” and “movement”, an imaginary space where both elements are mutually contained. This movement carries out an introspective expression that exists in the vacuum of pure subjectivity. The transliteration of VOIMENT in Chinese Mandarin is “吾們”,which is […]

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Imperfect Pointes

Future Friendly Balletwear with Imperfect Pointes

IMPERFECT POINTES was born from the idea of an unconventional “balletmom” and owner, Helen, who was frustrated to find that within the multi-million dollar dancewear industry, very few brands are focusing on sustainability. Most of them are run on the principles as fast fashion – high throughput and new collections every week. As the mother […]

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Do Good Swimwear

Sustainable and inclusive swimwear with Do Good

DO GOOD SWIMWEAR was born from the idea that there are creative ways to recycle, regenerate, and repurpose ocean waste and plastic into beautiful pieces for active, ocean loving humans. Their vision is to see more people being thoughtful with how they shop, and helping future generations of women by purchasing with intent and purpose. […]

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Circular Economy Explained: What does it mean and how do we close the loop?

A healthier, more circular economy depends on each and every one of us. In nature there are no straight lines but as humans we have conceived the idea of linear for the purposes of simplifying our understanding of the world. If we can learn anything from nature, it’s that she knows best and that the […]

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Shiny Objects by Delos

The Shiny Objects collection by Delos is a new line of on-trend custom rugs ideal for intimate spaces such as stairs, closets, boats, and private planes that necessitate unique shapes and excellent wearability. The series of ten on-trend textures are made from eco-friendly New Zealand wool that has been infused with shimmering details and metallic […]

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SWAP SHOP tea bags

TODAY’S SWAP – Plastic-Free Tea Break

Did you know that your teabags may contain plastic? Swapping to loose leaf tea could make for a more eco-friendly tea break! What you need to know: Plastic is often used to seal teabags making them non-recyclable or biodegradable. A plastic sealant is often used to contain the tea leaves within the bag itself, a […]

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