Post-COVID Eco-Conscious Design Choices for Commercial Office Spaces

Sustainability is the name of the game in 2021, with businesses being judged just as much (if not more) for their commitment to protecting the environment as they are for their financial potential. Therefore, eco-conscious design is a hot topic among contemporary commercial developers. In order to make an office space more environmentally friendly, give […]

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Water: too much or too little, both are a problem and here’s what you can do to help

Author: Rose Ellis On the surface the world’s water situation may seem calm and peaceful but dive a little deeper and it quickly gets choppy. The UN defines water scarcity in terms of availability due to physical storage, as well as access scarcity, which may be due to infrastructure or institutional failure, for example. Water […]

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Food waste upcycling: an environmental win-win

Author: Olivia Young A new report from the United Nations Environmental Programme revealed that 17% of food from households and businesses globally in 2019 was used to feed landfills and incinerators rather than human mouths. That’s enough to fill 20 million household bin bags and lay them end-to-end from New York City to Los Angeles […]

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SUGGESTED SWAP – Preserving water, a precious Planet resource

Could you switch to the 5 minute shower challenge? 🚿 Showers are one of the biggest uses of household water, using high levels of this precious natural resource (roughly 12 litres per minute) and contributing to C02 emissions through energy-usage as well. In fact, even your choice of showerhead can have an impact on the […]

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What is an eco-educator and what role do they have on social media?

Author: Brittany Johnston An eco-educator is a person who has a presence and platform on social media which is used to inform and engage their audience on climate issues, environmentalism, solutions to creating a better future for our planet and reversing the effects of fast fashion and climate change on the planet, without centring their […]

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A new sustainable vision thanks to innovative and quality sunglasses

KARÜN, the original sustainable eyewear brand from Patagonia, announces its arrival in Europe, where it will have a presence in more than 1000 stores thanks to an important collaboration with the optic giant, GrandVision. The collection, developed together with the environmental activist and star of hits like Big Little Lies or the Divergent saga, Shailene […]

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What is Zero Waste and how can we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle?

Author: Morgane Nyefler More than any other industry, fashion has a waste problem. From fast-fashion brands to luxury labels, most companies are accumulating leftover fabric, textile scraps, and unsold stock in their warehouses, which become a burden difficult to dispose of. The market for cheap and low-quality items continues to grow as consumers in the […]

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SUGGESTED SWAP – Cycling is the most planet-friendly way to travel

Wouldn’t it be better if more people cycled? “YES!” is the answer for both our planet and our own health and wellbeing too! Cycling has a carbon footprint of roughly 21g of CO2 per kilometer which is even less than walking – and, it releases less than a tenth of emissions compared to driving, making […]

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6 Fashion & Interiors Brands Empowering Women Around The World

Author: Beatrice Murray-Nag For any brand, being truly sustainable means thinking beyond the environmental impact of each item it creates. Instead, it’s about actively seeking out problems to solve, developing products that turn a business into a force for good in the world. Alongside using low-impact materials and eco-friendly packaging, going one step further means […]

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Aquafil continues supporting the BMW Group’s sustainability strategy

Sustainability has become a strategic priority for the automotive industry, with automotive organizations increasingly using sustainable materials and 62% claiming to have a comprehensive sustainability strategy, according to Capgemini. Since 2016, the BMW Group has used ECONYL® yarn to make its floor and floormats for the BMW i3, BMW iX, and other models. Committed to […]

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You Want To Cut Your Closet’s Carbon Footprint, Here’s How To Start

Author: Lucielle Salomon There’s a certain level of excitement that comes from shopping. But with that giddiness comes a level of responsibility that not many consumers think about. The fashion industry has been deemed one of the biggest polluting industries, requiring a significant amount of water, energy, and crops. Barely any clothes you buy today […]

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Shampoo Bar

TODAY’S SWAP – let’s talk about haircare

Have you tested out Shampoo Bars? Ditch the usual single-use plastic bottles and go for a more eco-friendly haircare alternative with a natural shampoo or conditioner bar  Just like any other soap, these bars are easy to use and typically come in recyclable packaging. Their compact size and lightness helps to reduce the carbon footprint […]

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