Your Artist Carpet Awaits You

Peter Halley, the visionary behind ArtVerona 2023's Red Carpet, will transform this masterpiece into exclusive interior carpets after the event, available for purchase

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Magic Carpet, an artwork both beneficial and sustainable

Crafted by the renowned artist Peter Halley, the Magic Carpet spans over 400 square meters and is an exceptional example of artistry and sustainability. This extraordinary creation is woven from ECONYL® yarn, an environmentally conscious material derived entirely from discarded sources like old fishing nets, carpets, rugs, and both pre- and post-consumer waste. The ingredient, 100% from waste, is infinitely regenerable.

Inspired by the concept of continuous rebirth and driven by values of sustainability, circularity, and a profound appreciation for art in all its forms, the Magic Carpet project came to life. While ArtVerona may come to an end, the passion for art endures. Hence, the Magic Carpet will embark on a second life after the event. The artwork will be repurposed, resized, and transformed into carpets of varying dimensions, perfectly suited for your interior spaces. You can be a part of this transformation too — simply leave your contact information in the box to stay informed about the availability of these unique pieces.

The Magic Carpet not only captivates with its beauty but also serves a noble cause. The proceeds from the sale of these carpets will be generously donated to the Alba Chiara association, dedicated to combatting violence against women through a range of impactful initiatives.

The collection from ArtVerona 2022