Discover the Artistry

Peter Halley's Exclusive Carpet Collection

Welcome to the exclusive showcase of Peter Halley’s masterful artistry transformed into a limited collection of distinctive carpets.

Each piece is a testament to creativity, craftsmanship, and conscious living. From bold geometric designs to intricate patterns, find the perfect statement piece to elevate your space while supporting a meaningful cause.

The Story

In October 2023, the modern and contemporary art fair in Verona witnessed the unveiling of a monumental work of art: the Magic Carpet. Designed by acclaimed artist Peter Halley, this 42-meter-long masterpiece, made with ECONYL® yarn, served as a captivating entrance piece, inviting visitors to experience art in a unique form.

Peter Halley’s artwork transcends conventional boundaries, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of interconnected rectangles adorned with intensely colored curvilinear arabesques. Inspired by Venetian marble and Islamic motifs, the 2023 Red Carpet embodies Halley’s signature graphic theme, the Exploding Cell, captivating viewers with its vibrant patterns and textures.

Crafted from ECONYL® regenerated yarn, each piece champions a profound cause while enhancing your living space.

Transformation & Purpose

Following its showcase at ArtVerona, the Red Carpet embarked on a new journey, embracing sustainability and social responsibility. Resized and reworked into smaller pieces, this monumental artwork now offers individuals the opportunity to bring a piece of art into their homes while making a positive impact. With each purchase, you contribute to the Alba Chiara Association’s mission to end violence against women.

Join us in supporting the Alba Chiara association and empowering change through art.