REFINERY29 – 14 Recycled-Fiber Swimsuits For An Eco-Friendly Summer Wardrobe

By Emily Ruane We have a hunch that — despite your summer vacation being canceled — you’re still shopping for swimwear. (Because, um, we still are.) Just because we’re not traveling far from home doesn’t mean we’re not seeking a water source — it may just be the fire hydrant around the block or the inflatable […]

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REFINERY 29 – The Coolest Swimwear Made From Recycled Fishing Nets & Plastic Bottles

By Francine Heath Finding the perfect swimwear can be even more troublesome than avoiding Line of Duty spoilers, right? There’s so much to think about when it comes to swimsuits and bikinis: cut, coverage, colour. Is it boned? Exactly which straps come off? Do high-waisted briefs really make us look like a Baywatch-era Pammy? Now, […]

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W MAGAZINE – 4 Swimwear Labels Taking Sustainability to Luxury Levels

By Stephanie Eckardt You might not have heard of Ljubljana, but then you’re probably not in the world of sustainable swimwear. Once known only as the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana could now also be the capital of Econyl, a material that eco-conscious swimwear designers can’t seem to get enough of. In stark contrast to fast […]

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