Welcome. Come on in and make yourself at home. You are in our booth at Domotex exhibition. The carpet? Oh yes, you like it? Did I tell you the story of it?

Yes, but where to start? This carpet has already had many lives. It was created for the Milan Fashion Week of 2017. It was used to decorate the Piazza della Scala in Milan and guests, models and actors were walking on it before entering the theatre for the closing event of the week. A piece of that exact carpet is what you are standing right now here at Domotex. But there is another story that goes long before the Milano Fashion Week. This carpet is in fact made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon, a yarn that comes from waste material instead of oil. So again, this carpet was something else before it became the red carpet in Milan. It could have been a fishing net recovered from the seas or an old carpet that was filling up a landfill in the States. We collected that waste and made this beautiful, luxurious carpet that is here at Domotex with us.

But this is not the only carpet with a story that we have on our stand. We have four others very special carpets. They were inspired by the fact that Aquafil works both in the fashion sector and in the carpet flooring sector, and both industries use the ECONYL® regenerated fiber. So, we decided to merge inspirations and made four unique carpets that are inspired by the texture and pattern of four pieces of garments by Auria, Adidas, Levis, and Outerknown. Both the garments and the carpets are made with ECONYL® yarn so they are part of that circular story – from waste to wear and to carpet flooring and back again thanks to a regeneration process that doesn’t compromise quality and is able to reduce the Global Warming Potential up to 80% (compared to products from crude oil).

In our booth, we also presented other trendy topics – first of all, rugs. We showed some super soft samples of design rugs made with our ECONYL® yarn. This was a very stylish topic as everybody was talking about rugs as the strongest design element for this year.

Another corner was dedicated to colors displaying our ECONYL® Global Color Range with 28 new colors, making our ECONYL® Global Color Range a total of 170 colors. A video to share the inspiration behind the range and share the beauty of it was displayed at the booth and is available online.

Then, just around the corner from the ECONYL® Stay Clean wall, presented both for home and office, was an inspirational wall with a luxurious and unique carpet created to show the possibilities of the space dying technique. The carpet was displayed with curves because the color changes from different perspectives were amazing.

Other samples were hanging on the internal walls of the booth presenting the metallic colors, the printing technology applied on high loop pile carpets and the contrast technique.

We also attended the trend presentation by eight top bloggers in the Hall 9 where the trends area was located. You can read about it in our Medium article.