The first interactive museum for sustainable fashion innovation opens in Amsterdam also with an installation of ECONYL® yarns.

Fashion for Good is a Dutch organization dedicated to circular fashion that just opened a unique museum in Amsterdam that encourages visitors to examine their consumptions habits, be more responsible and to engage in the topic of sustainable fashion.

The museum is hosted in a bigger building that also includes a store and a laboratory incubator for start-ups.

The exhibition is organized following a five steps journey: CONSIDER, CHOOSE, USE, RE-USE, ACTIVATE. At the entrance, visitors can pick up a stylish “action bracelet” made from recycled plastic coming from Amsterdam canals, and with this, they can commit to actions and receive a personalized Fashion Action Plan at the end. The action points are supporting “the five goods” created by William McDonough, which are the pillars of Fashion for Good and as McDonough explains: “represent an aspirational framework we can all use to work towards a world in which we do not simply take, make, waste, but rather take, make, renew and restore.”


Welcoming visitors at the entrance in the Innovation Lounge is also a yarn installation made with our ECONYL® fibers.

Every three months new curated collections of fashion products will be cycled following essential topics related to sustainable fashion. The current one is about water used in fashion.

Photos: Curtesy of Fashion for Good – Presstigieux