Can industrial production goes hand in hand with respect for the environment? We believe so and were together during the two days of the Healthy Seas kickoff event (#HSKE) to celebrate this dream that brings together an NGOs and two business in a fascinating journey to recover abandoned fishing nets from the seas and regenerate them into new products.

With this initiative, we, as Aquafil, and our partners (ECNC and Star Sock) would like to create a great community of associates, journalists and final customers that are proud to be part of something bigger than mere consumption and that are committed to take care of our environment and our seas.

This two days journey touched all the important moments and the locations of the Healthy Seas initiative:

–          Keynote speech by Dr. Heather Koldewey (ZSL) about the problem of marine debris and by Mr. Mike Mannaart (ECNC) on the solution offered by the initiative.

–          Demonstration of fishing nets recovery at Fonda Fish Farm

–          Visit to the ECONYL® waste treatment center in Ajdovščina

–          Visit to the ECONYL® Plant in Ljubljana.

The kickoff event had the double purpose of spreading out the goals and story “from waste to wear” and to talk about the first encouraging results of the initiative:

–          The development of a strong and passionate team dedicated to the project

–          Communications tools like blog, Facebook page and twitter page to keep the community informed about each step

–          20 tons of fishing nets recovered and sent to Ajdovščina

–          The creation of Healthy Seas socks

–          New partners joining the initiative, among which are: Nofir and Fonda Fish Farm

–          The eligibility for “1% for the planet

We have a great way to go on our journey as Healthy Seas but a lot has been done and people are responding in a very positive and enthusiastic way to our common project. This community is the best source to feed the revolution we want: to make the impossible possible and invent new solutions that can elevate the recycling and production industry to a new dimension and create a better future with more sustainable products.