“Innovating for the Future of Furniture Design”, Clever’s Podcast unpacks the story behind the noho move™ chair

Clever and their podcasts are a window into the humanity behind the world around us. In each episode, designer Amy Devers has revealing conversations with the visionaries, culture-makers, and creative forces who shape our world and inform our society.

Episode #159 investigates the creativity in designing sustainable furniture accessories. For this “Clever Extra: Innovating for the Future of Furniture Design”, Amy Devers sat down with Kent Parker and Paul Wilkinson of the design studio Formway in New Zealand and Giulio Bonazzi, who leads Aquafil – ECONYL® makers, to discuss their design collaboration. 

Together, they share their compelling example of collaboration, innovation, and design, and unpack the story behind a truly remarkable chair, the noho move™ chair. The noho move™ chair is revolutionizing residential seating design by addressing issues of health, movement, multifunction, and sustainability in monumental ways, while also pushing the boundaries and performance capabilities of the material it’s made from, ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon. Thanks to their patented design, the noho move™ chair has recently won the Best of NeoCon Guest Seating Gold and Sustainability Awards.

Get a behind the scenes look at the innovation, collaboration, and experimentation that goes into creating the future of furniture design by listening in to their conversation here.