On January 19th, our CEO Giulio Bonazzi participated in a panel discussion in Berlin at the Ethical Fashion Show. The subject was “Plastics in our waters: The role of the textile industry”.

The moderator was Dr. Bernhard Bauske of WWF and the other guests were: Alexander Nolte (Langbrett), Michael Spitzbarth (Bleed), and Angele Zettner (Manufactum).

Michael Spitzbarth of Bleed showed some great pieces of garments made with our ECONYL® regenerated yarn while Alexander Nolte of Lanbrett presented a Nylon 6.6 bag made of a special hi-tech textile material that is used as a washing bag. What’s so special about this bag is that it keeps the micro plastics of the fibers inside the bag instead of releasing them in the washing machine and ultimately in the sewer.

Finally, Giulio Bonazzi, CEO of Aquafil, explained how Nylon 6 and our regeneration process is different from other mechanical plastic recycling systems by telling how we recover fishing nets both from fish farming and the fishing industry to regenerate them, together with other Nylon waste material, into yarn for textiles.

Also at the Ethical Fashion Show, Kunert presented their the new KUNERT-BLUE tights made with our ECONYL® yarn. Giulio Bonazzi visited the booth and met with Justina Rokita, CEO of Kunert, and with Claudia Lanius, owner of the Lanius brand.  Lanius is collaborating with Kunert and Claudi Lanius came to our plant for a photo-shooting of KunertxLanius.  See our story of the photo shoot here.

You can watch the entire conference on our youtube channel. And below is a graphic representation of the discussion at the end of the conference.