We never thought about our waste treatment center in Ajdovscina as a place for a photo shoot with a model. It is cold, big and full of waste material. But, we were intrigued when our client Kunert asked if they could organize a photo shoot with a model in our Ajdovscina Waste Treatment center among recovered fishing nets, old carpets and big bags of plastic components. The plan was for the model to wear the KUNERT-BLUE tights made with our ECONYL® regenerated yarn, which was created using waste that was regenerated in that very plant in Ajdovscina. The model was also going to wear coats and dresses by Lanius, another high fashion German brand.

So the adventure started, and we had a very brave model walking and changing herself in what was to remain a very cold industrial facility. We are happy to report that the shoot was fantastic, and she was beautiful wearing LANIUS garments and KUNERT-BLUE tights in 6 amazing colors.

You can see the results of that two-day adventure in this slideshow. The results are amazing, and we love them!