As the ultimate guide to eco-friendly shopping, we are sizzling up today’s five trendiest looks from stylish and sustainable brands.



People wearing Garmont Sport Shoes ECONYL® in the Nature

Versatile, lightweight and respectful towards the environment, Garmont’s latest footwear collection is the perfect solution for your outdoor adventures. Guaranteeing high performance, breathable fabric and excellent traction, Garmont uses recycled mesh from recovered fishing nets to create one-of-a-kind functional footwear. To discover more of the brand’s latest styles and sustainability efforts, browse here.


C’est la V

Girl wearing C'est la V Swimsuit made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon

This year’s hottest swimsuits and outfits come from Italy using regenerated materials and natural fibers. Inspired by the iconic era of the ‘70s, C’est la V creates stunning boho-chic looks with floral patterns, geometrical prints and whimsical designs. The brand is also partnering with the Green Future Project to contribute towards reforestation efforts with every order placed. Learn more about C’est la V’s philosophy of quality, eclectic and guilt-free style.



Girl carrying aoife® Mini Roll Bag made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon

If you love rare accessories, aoife® blends together fine Italian craftmanship and Irish luxury design for a sleek and versatile handbag perfect for any vacation. With a mission to reduce fast fashion pollution, 2.5% of the brand’s proceeds go to reforestation efforts and marine life preservation, such as supporting Healthy Seas, an ocean clean-up non-for-profit. Browse their newest collection using ecological materials here.



Living Room Office by Delos

Elevate your home using Delos’ casual and luxury custom rugs made from earth-friendly fibers. Offering sophisticated texture combinations and crafted by master artisans, the latest American Made Heartland Collection is formulated from recycled materials, including reclaimed fishing nets. To learn more about their journey to sustainability, click here.



Girl wearing Karün Sunglasses Orca made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon

Shield your eyes from the sun’s UV rays with Karün’s latest eco-friendly collection. Not just an eyewear company, all their products are made with natural, noble or recycled materials that are built to last. Both functional and sleek in design, check out their newest launch for your next backyard party.


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