OCEANNOW is a brand that proves sustainability can be vibrant and stylish.
The founder of the brand, Irina, is a traveler in love with the Ocean. Even the swimsuit designs were named after her favorite islands – Barbados, Male, Praslin, Fiji… Irina is also a specialized ecologist. During her educational practice, when students were sent to the shores of the Black and White Seas, she was shocked by the amounts of garbage that poisons Earth waters and kills marine life.

It’s one thing to know the facts and another to professionally assess the harm that is caused to the environment.

This is how the OCEANNOW brand was born – with a scientific approach and love for the Ocean.

The brand presents swimwear made from 100% ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Soft, breathable material is lightweight wrapping your body in comfort. It also protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, does not fade in the sun and resists the effects of sea salt and chlorine.

OCEANNOW relies on classic swimwear models and bright colors. The perfect cut and fit, thanks to the compression of the material, will emphasize the advantages of any figure, make it even more seductive and graceful. This is a clear proof that style and ethical production are perfectly combined.

A percentage of OCEANNOW’s sales goes to support the Delfa Dolphin Rescue Center. DDRC fights for the freedom of animals and also helps them adapt and survive in their natural environment after being in captivity.

The brand also cares about safe packaging. Their swimwear is solid in convenient reusable cotton pouches, that can be repurposed for storing things.

OCEANNOW paper tags and labels are made from seed paper. It is a paper made from recycled paper containing plant seeds in its structure. If the OCEANNOW label is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds will sprout and bloom. Awaking magic again.