Adalù® swimwear, innovation meets tradition and softly combine

The lady behind this brand is a very committed girl, Valeria, who decided to call her company Adalù® in the honor of Ada and Lu’, Luciana, her grandmothers, the makers, in the most literal sense of the term, of the transmission in time of memories, notions and records, from their time to her time.

Valeria strongly believes that tradition lives in anything we do.
As an Italian surfer, she felt the need to put a pinch of “Made in Italy” in the women’s surfwear industry, as she felt the lack of being accompanied by her idea of swimwear also on her favorite everyday practice, into the water.

Her desire was to wear a made in Italy surf suit, designed with the best Italian fabrics just for surfers girls. This is how Adalù® was born, a brand dedicated both to adventurous and contemporary women but also to the most nostalgic and romantic ones.
The brand’s imagery of Lady is a woman always looking to the future relying on the teachings of the past, aware and sensual, a tribute to the feminine Italian cinema’s icons such as Sofia Loren and Anna Magnani.

Today Adalù® is known abroad too, not only for the quality of the Made in Italy, always appreciated and recognized, especially when it comes to surf suits or bikini, which require greater attention to the design but also for the Italian taste, very close to the Dolce Vita style.

Not only Tradition.
Valeria created her style combining Tradition with her curiosity and passion for the research, which have led her to experience something new every year.
Change and innovation in fabrics are two very important pillars, to her.

For some years she’s been entrusted to one of the most advanced Italian companies in the beachwear industry, which has chosen to install a research laboratory in its main office with the aim of increasing the company in the field of sustainable businesses.
In the latest collections she has made more and more use of technical fabrics light and soft to the touch with a modeling effect, with the aim of enhancing the silhouette without forcing, ensuring excellent coverage and a perfect fit leaving the body free to move in comfort, quick drying and dressing like a second skin, always focusing on the main purpose of making the Adalù® design pleasant to wear.

Adalù® is a brand that cares a lot about eco-sustainability.
We live the sea every day and unfortunately, we see the damaging caused by years and years of an inconsiderate use of plastic.
So, what does Adalù® do for the environment?
They consider themselves an eco-sustainable company, starting from the staff’s selection. They privilege people with conscious and careful lifestyle, keen on understanding and adopting without many efforts the company sustainability’s guidelines, such as ban plastic wherever possible and ensure its reuse where it is not possible not to use it at all.
More precisely, since the very first day of activity, the company has moved according to a lifestyle with a low impact on the environment. They chose furnitures coming from their territory of origin, containing exhaust emissions and fabrics waste, reused to create something new.

Moreover, this year the company introduced a new collection conceived and then produced with the Renew lycra made of ELASTAN LYCRA® XTRA LIFE® together with ECONYL® regenerated nylon which is made 100% from nylon waste such as fishing nets harvested from the ocean to be brought back to life, but also fabric scraps recovered from landfills.
The next step will lead to the only use of fabrics made with ECONYL® yarn.

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