N&S GAIA is a New Delhi based contemporary womenswear label which is rich in unique design and fabric techniques. The brand was founded by designer Sidharth Sinha in 2014.

The brand has its unique aesthetics which majorly takes inspiration from nature in its various forms. They acknowledge nature through their name itself, where N stands for Nature, S is Sustainability and GAIA symbolises mother earth. They at the same time, majorly incorporate modern sensibility and taste in their designs, hence attract people of different generations. A lot of their clients experience through the drapes of their designs that garments develop a unique character of their own as the clothes interact with the body and often take form through it, just like how nature works. They use ECONYL® regenerated nylon for their creation and they also use industrial waste or surplus and up-cycle it in their products like surface development. The brand encourages using the same garment silhouette/structure over different seasons to promote slow fashion and clothes which could be worn season after season.

Another element which is unique to their brand is the prints which Sidharth himself designs through his observation of nature and travels, he also mixes photography and hand painting (craft) to create these dynamic prints which have been of his clients’ favorites.
Since their inception, they have always showcased this craft, in fact the beginning of their label was when Sidharth decided to go ahead and explore this craft. They use sustainability in their approach to design.