Halla Hall is a design girl duo who studied fashion design in Finland and always knew they wanted to do something unique. Halla Halla started from their shared passion to design unique and ethically made sustainable swimwear for huns who want to stand out. They live by the motto “sun, sweat, and salt water”

Their swimwear is inspired by the beaches, oceans, and jungles in the tropics, and preserving such beauty. They spent many years in the freezing cold Nordics and then traveled the world to surf, enjoy the sun, and explore different cultures. They want to bring some of that sunshine and happiness to the Nordics as well and share their passion for sustainability and unique designs. This is how Halla Halla was born and they can proudly say their are the first sustainable swimwear brand in Finland.

All their items are eco-friendly, creative, and designed for huns who share a passion for sun, sweat, and salt water. They want to design swimwear that is versatile and suitable for everyday activities, such as sunbathing, yoga, surfing, and swimming. Their wild and one of a kind prints and color combinations make their swimwear stand out in the crowd.

Halla Halla swimwear fabric is made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon that comes from fishing nets and other discarded nylons. For them, helping keep the oceans clean and seeing the marine life thrive is close to their hearts. All their items are manufactured ethically in the most magical island of Bali.