AURAI collections aim to reflect the essence of a fun, healthy and conscious lifestyle, featuring high-quality materials, timeless silhouettes and color palettes, exclusive prints and “surf safe” flattering Brazilian-cut swimsuits for all body types.

AURAI is an ethical swimwear brand created by Italo Brazilian designer Natalia Bertolo with an intimate flair for surf and beach culture and deep respect for nature. The brand is based in Auckland, New Zealand, while the products are carefully handmade at a small family-owned production facility in southern Brazil.

Inspired by her eco-design studies and the slow fashion movement, Natalia’s design philosophy includes a commitment to produce high-quality swimwear for a desirable and durable summer wardrobe. Among many design awards she has received over the years, one, in particular, marked her career in this area. In 2011, Natalia won the Fashion Category of the International Talentos Design Competition, organized by the Fundación Banco Santander (Madrid, Spain), which aims to encourage the creation of sustainable projects and raise awareness among students in the Ibero-American community about the potential synergies between sustainability, creativity, and technology.

The first AURAI collection experimented with fish leather, a material discarded by the food industry. Starting with the SS2018 collection, AURAI started using our ECONYL® 100% regenerated yarn made from abandoned fish nets and other discarded nylons.

In Greek mythology, the Aurai are the winged nymphs of the breezes that traveled all over the world through the sea carrying messages for the gods. Like the Greek Aurai, we believe we can also carry an important message about eco-design and slow fashion.