28 Feb 2020

Atumatu – created by woman for woman


ATUMATU is a brand that is all about natural beauty. When creating their swimwear they always keep in mind that every woman is absolutely beautiful and each has something special about her – that is why their sole purpose is to emphasize that very natural beauty. How do they do it? There are many ways, but they have chosen the ones that are most important to them: minimalist design, natural tones, wide size range, natural beauty and ecological textile.

At Atumatu they believe that true beauty lies in simplicity – comfortable, neat models are timeless when it comes to fashion, be it high waisted bikinis or classical swimsuits. Their grandmothers used to wear such items when sunbathing at the southernmost parts of Russia and now they do the same and this is utterly amazing.

They find inspiration in their natural surroundings and this is where their swimsuits get their names too. They like dilute, matte tones because they do not look artificial. Let them imagine they were looking at an olive coloured swimsuit – they would naturally be reminded of Greece, olive trees, Greek salad with feta cheese – all of those allusions helped create the name – Olive. Alternatively, glancing at an orange swimsuit would transport you to Duomo cathedral in Italy where you are peacefully sipping your Aperol-Spritz. At Atumatu every colour has its own story to tell.

Out of all the points, this is the most important one for them.  The culture of body positivity in Russia is still in its infancy – Instagram is teeming with ideally looking girls, whereas plus-size girls find it harder and harder accepting themselves and finding stylish and good-looking clothes is no easy task nowadays. That is why their main aim is to produce swimwear with a wide size range available and subsequently showcase natural women’s beauty via Instagram.

They do not use professional models, heavy makeup, airbrushed bodies and faces – they only want their clients to be sure that upon opening their catalogue they will know exactly how a certain swimsuit will look on them.

Their team cares about nature and has conducted a thorough research on eco-friendly fabrics. ECONYL® regenerated nylon became their choice– 78% of the fabric consists of regenerated nylon. The remaining 22% consists of spandex which allows for elasticity and comfort.

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