Aquafil USA shipped its first load of sheared carpet fluff* to Slovenia as part of a new operation to contribute to the ECONYL® Regeneration System.

For its first significant contribution to the Regeneration System, Aquafil USA sent 43 bales of sheared carpet fluff from its Cartersville plant to the waste treatment and preparation center Ajdovščina, Slovenia. From Ajdovščina, the sheared carpet fluff will travel to Ljubljana, Slovenia to be put through the ECONYL® Regeneration System.

“We have been working toward this for a long time,” said Jim Lindsey, Aquafil USA director of recycling. “Our location in Cartersville grants us to access high volumes of used carpet that would otherwise be destined for landfills or incinerators. Our new operation allows us to play a larger role in the company’s global sustainability efforts.”

Made from 100% regenerated materials, ECONYL® fiber is used in the creation of carpets, sportswear, swimwear and hosiery.



*Fluff is the top portion of carpet that is recovered after its product life has come to an end.