The environmental challenges of our time are getting bigger, and even the smallest contribution of each individual matters. If you are renovating your home, that might be a great opportunity for you to contribute to a more sustainable future of our planet. There is no need to compromise on the look; just add a sustainability aspect to your project and make your home friendly, not just for you but also for the environment. A sustainable home brings energy savings, uses less natural resources, makes less harmful emissions, produces less waste and makes a healthy environment for the people living in it.

Renovating your home is an exciting project. Deciding the overall story, imagining the look, and choosing colors, patterns, forms and textures together with an interior designer gives you an opportunity to bring out your creativity and let your personality be reflected in your home. That defines how you feel about your new home. You might feel even better if you know you’ve made it more sustainable — better for the environment and for the people living in it.

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