6 Fashion & Interiors Brands Empowering Women Around The World

Author: Beatrice Murray-Nag For any brand, being truly sustainable means thinking beyond the environmental impact of each item it creates. Instead, it’s about actively seeking out problems to solve, developing products that turn a business into a force for good in the world. Alongside using low-impact materials and eco-friendly packaging, going one step further means […]

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Aquafil continues supporting the BMW Group’s sustainability strategy

Sustainability has become a strategic priority for the automotive industry, with automotive organizations increasingly using sustainable materials and 62% claiming to have a comprehensive sustainability strategy, according to Capgemini. Since 2016, the BMW Group has used ECONYL® yarn to make its floor and floormats for the BMW i3, BMW iX, and other models. Committed to […]

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You Want To Cut Your Closet’s Carbon Footprint, Here’s How To Start

Author: Lucielle Salomon There’s a certain level of excitement that comes from shopping. But with that giddiness comes a level of responsibility that not many consumers think about. The fashion industry has been deemed one of the biggest polluting industries, requiring a significant amount of water, energy, and crops. Barely any clothes you buy today […]

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Shampoo Bar

TODAY’S SWAP – let’s talk about haircare

Have you tested out Shampoo Bars? Ditch the usual single-use plastic bottles and go for a more eco-friendly haircare alternative with a natural shampoo or conditioner bar  Just like any other soap, these bars are easy to use and typically come in recyclable packaging. Their compact size and lightness helps to reduce the carbon footprint […]

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“Waste: an ocean of opportunity” free webinar, live today on Material ConneXion platform

Sustainability and circular economy are top of mind for manufacturers and consumers but what does that mean for material scientists, engineers, and designers? How might we best address these issues? Wednesday, February 24th / 11am EST, join Material ConneXion, Dr. Andrew Dent, and Giulio Bonazzi for an insightful conversation on material topics. The webinar is […]

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6 circular beauty brands to have on your radar

Author: Elizabeth Bennett Circular has become a big buzzword in the world of sustainability and rightly so. Brands that choose to operate with circular principles prioritise the continued use of resources and within this closed loop system waste is greatly reduced. Subsequently, it’s a win-win for the planet and its people. Circular-based businesses have been […]

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TODAY’S SWAP – Have you ever try bamboo toothbrushes?

1 Billion toothbrushes are thrown away every year in America according to Foreo.   That’s a huge amount of plastic waste being generated, with each item taking years to breakdown in landfill.   Our advice? Make the switch to bamboo instead! Bamboo toothbrushes are much kinder on the planet. Each brand will share guidance on […]

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Offsetting Explained: Can It Make a True Impact?

Author: Rose Ellis Carbon offsetting is being heralded by some as the saviour of our times and it’s easy to see why. But airlines and oil companies, for example, have inevitably jumped on the offsetting boat and it can seem all a bit hypocritical – some of the world’s biggest carbon culprits also being the […]

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TODAY’S SWAP – Refillables deodorants in a range of scents

Today, stop using plastic-wrapped or aerosol deodorants. Switch them to refillable, natural alternatives. With fewer chemicals and less disposable packaging, it’s a gentler choice for both your body and the planet. “by Hhumankind” and “Wild” offer refillables in a range of scents, so you can pick and choose from your favourites time and time again […]

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Buy your sustainable jacket and backpack through the brand new ECONYL® platform

Due to the pandemic situation, this year we all have more time to think about our things, our business, what we have done until now, and how we did it. We also have the time to think more about our future, and where we’d like to be in 2 or even 5 years’ time. And […]

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How to reduce waste this Christmas

For shoppers and businesses alike, sustainability has been a major focus of consumer culture in 2020. But while we’re more familiar than ever with concepts like carbon footprint and circular design, we often struggle to find realistic ways of applying sustainable living ideas to our daily lives. For many, reducing the amount of plastic we […]

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ECONYL® In Conversation: Exploring Circularity in Fashion

Instagram Live on Wednesday 9th December on @econylbrand, with Vogue Intl Sustainability Editor Emily Chan and Outerknown Creative Director John Moore. 6pm GMT | 7pm CET | 10am PST

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