Beautiful design, smart functionality, and environmental responsibility into the spaces we live

From the moment you have a space to call your own, it becomes a canvas to express who you are and how you aspire to live. FLOR can help you create a space to live in, with style you can’t live without. Each rug is made up of individual carpet tiles with a non-slip backing […]

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Heartland Collection by Delos

Delos Launches the American Made Heartland Collection, a Highly Textured Line of Custom Rugs. When considering the American heartland, visuals of golden wheat fields, corn in rows ready for harvest, textured barnwood, or grandma’s old screen door come to mind. These visuals rang true as inspiration when Delos went to work on this new collection […]

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Post-COVID Eco-Conscious Design Choices for Commercial Office Spaces

Sustainability is the name of the game in 2021, with businesses being judged just as much (if not more) for their commitment to protecting the environment as they are for their financial potential. Therefore, eco-conscious design is a hot topic among contemporary commercial developers. In order to make an office space more environmentally friendly, give […]

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Sustainable Home Office Design Trends That Improve Productivity

by Skylar Ross The year 2020 saw the home office transform from a type of “bonus” room in some homes to an absolute essential space in modern residences. Therefore, designing home offices that are conducive to productivity is a focal point in many contemporary renovation projects. As balancing the functional requirements of an office space […]

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Shiny Objects by Delos

The Shiny Objects collection by Delos is a new line of on-trend custom rugs ideal for intimate spaces such as stairs, closets, boats, and private planes that necessitate unique shapes and excellent wearability. The series of ten on-trend textures are made from eco-friendly New Zealand wool that has been infused with shimmering details and metallic […]

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Two ECONYL® products among the honorees and one winner at the Best of Year Awards by Interior Design

This year’s the Best of Year Interior Design 2020 Awards ceremony was virtual and took place on DesignTV by SANDOW, presented by Pottery Barn. For each award category, there are five honorees and one winner. We are very honored to have three products made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon on the list. This speaks not only […]

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6 eco-friendly rugs that blur the line between art and design

If sheltering in place left you with the thought of that empty, dull spot of the house where a beautiful rug would become a statement piece, or if you are looking for some artistic inspiration in the house to make it more cozy, colorful or special, here are 6 eco-friendly rugs that take inspiration from […]

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Webinar – Dumpster Diversion: Designing with the end in mind

In July this year, Lance Hosey wrote on the Arch Daily that architects never waste a good crisis. And for this matter, we believe designers don’t either. He continues, “At heart, we are problem-solvers, and we jump at every problem that needs solving, a tendency that is inherent to our industry’s optimism.” Lance Hosey was […]

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MINGAN by Venture Contract

Inspired by natural sensibility and elements of the Quebec archipelago.    MINGAN, an environment where nature reigns. MINGAN is a collection inspired by geology, a branch dedicated to the study of the structure of the Earth’s crust.  Distinguished by three patterns with irregular textures and by colors reminiscent of the elements of the archipelago, MINGAN […]

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ANTICOSTI by Venture Contract

Inspired by natural sensibility and elements of the Quebec archipelago.    ANTICOSTI, an environment where nature reigns.  ANTICOSTI is a collection inspired by bryology, a branch of botany devoted to the study of mosses.  Distinguished by three patterns with irregular textures and by colors reminiscent of the elements of the coast, ANTICOSTI incorporates a touch […]

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Breath in, breath out — five sustainable face masks to make it through in style

It’s now quite clear that we will be wearing face masks for some time and will have to use them in different occasions. So, just like all our outfits and accessories, they will gradually adapt to our style and become a way to make a fashion statement, be creative and show our personality. They might […]

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The Minus collection by PUNTO E FILO Rugs

Minus is the collection’s name, signed by the designer Alessandra Delgado for Punto e Filo Tapetes (Punto e Filo Rugs). The name originates from latin and means ‘less’: the perfect concept of minimalist elegance that modernist master Mies Van Der Rohe eternalized with the icon phrase “less is more” – present in the essence of […]

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