IG Live ECONYL® 14.07.2021 C'est la V Swimwear

Live Today, We explore the new ECONYL® e-shop, where conscious consumers meet responsible brands

Join us live this evening to discover more about the new ECONYL® e-shop, a place where conscious consumers can browse responsible products made from ECONYL® nylon as well as finding educational, informative content to strengthen knowledge of sustainability. Marina Testino (Creative Director and Artivist), Giulio Bonazzi (CEO of Aquafil) and Briano Martinoni (Founder of C’est […]

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Eco Design ECONYL®

A Guide to Eco-Design

Design plays a hugely dominant role in our lives. From the clothes you are wearing to the device you are reading this on, and the website that hosts it, everything that surrounds us and that we consume, be it product, service or system has been designed by someone.   Considering that 80% of the ecological […]

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Swap Shop Ecoegg

SUGGESTED SWAP – How to reduce your impact every laundry load

Every laundry load impacts the Earth. Make yours more planet-positive by switching from plastic-packed detergent to a refillable and recyclable alternative. One great option is Ecoegg, a recyclable detergent container that can be used up to 70 times with plastic-free washing tablets. Kind to your clothes, it’s also suitable for those following a vegan and […]

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Webinar "Getting interiors to net Zero"

Webinar “Getting Interiors to Net Zero” live June 17th, 2021

Interior design is a new frontier for lowering carbon emissions. Multiple renovations and fit-outs over the life of a building can rack up a heavy carbon footprint, so interior designers must turn to a host of strategies to address that while also creating healthy and beautiful spaces. What will it take for us to get […]

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IG live ECONYL® 14 June 2021

Live on Monday, The world of recycling explained: How consumers can do their part

Are you confused about recycling? A 2018 study found that 56% of people in the UK are still unsure about what can and can’t be recycled. There’s also a lot of myths around recycling, recent scandals of recycling being incinerated or shipped to far away places to be dumped have reduced public faith in the […]

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Healthy Seas Ghost Diving © Gijs Doornbusch

World Oceans Day: What role does the ocean play in the world’s climate and why is it important to look after it?

The ocean covers 70% of the earth’s surface and has a far bigger impact on our lives than we may initially consider. Its health is intrinsically linked to the overall health of both our planet and species. Having long been considered as one of our most important natural resources, the world’s ocean plays a vital […]

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Energy saving LED lightbulbs

SUGGESTED SWAP – LED bulbs, a win-win choice for you and the planet

Here’s a bright idea 💡 To reduce your household energy consumption, why not make the switch to energy-saving lightbulbs. Many people avoid making the switch as the bulbs can be more expensive than regular ones – however, they last longer so you need to buy them less frequently. There are lots of benefits to making […]

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How to Shop Local, Ethical and Organic on a Budget

How to Shop Local, Ethical and Organic on a Budget

It’s long been a conundrum of mine and likely many others, how do we know the votes we are making with our wallet is always the right one? With so many aspects to think about when going to the supermarket or buying pretty much anything, it always feels like a trade-off – trying to support […]

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IG Live ECONYL® Wednesday 26th May

Live on Wednesday, Can the fashion industry truly make the swap from fast to slow?

The next edition of ECONYL®’s Instagram live series will take place on @econylbrand on Wednesday 26th May, with participants Orsola de Castro, expert in the field of sustainable fashion and Founder and Global Creative Director of Fashion Revolution, and Jazmine Rogers, a Black and Mexican creator who uses her platform (@ThatCurlyTop) to focus on sustainable fashion […]

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Podcast & Audio

How Audio is helping reconnect Fashion with the Customer

Podcasts and audio based social media spaces have become the talking point over the past year. With a desperate need for escapism and spare time on our hands, many of us turned to podcasts to fill the void left from restrictions to regular daily activities during the pandemic. But with the fashion industry being centred […]

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Homemade Face Scrubs

SUGGESTED SWAP – Homemade face scrubs to avoid microbeads

There could be plastic hiding in your beauty bag 💦 Microbeads are small pieces of plastic (less than a millimetre) that are sometimes used in everyday beauty products. Their use is banned in the UK, USA and Canada – but not all countries globally. To be sure your skincare routine is as natural as possible, […]

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Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

The difference between Sustainable and Ethical Fashion and why we need both

Author: Elizabeth Bennett With eco credentials hot property, greenwashing is now commonplace across the fashion industry. Brands may tout that they are ‘slow’, ‘conscious’ or ‘thoughtful’ but in reality these words have been rendered almost useless. Similarly, the terms ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ are bandied around so frequently it’s becoming confusing to get to the bottom […]

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