Dachstein wins the ISPO Gold Award 2018 with Ocean Collection

The Ocean Collection by Dachstein Outdoor & Lifestyle GmbH is Gold Winner of ISPO Award 2018 in the Urban segment, category Footwear. This collection of shoes is a genuinely urban range for outdoor and city and is made with our ECONYL® regenerated yarn, coming from the recovery and regeneration of fishing nets and other nylon […]

11 Gen 2018
How color can be a powerful design tool to influence our daily lives

In the journey to develop the ECONYL® Global Color Range, we explore and ponder on the connections between design, colors and sustainability and how this relationship has changed over the years. Cromorama (Einaudi) is an excellent book about the history of color published in Italian, by designer Riccardo Falcinelli. It tells the great story of […]

13 Dic 2017
Functional and Zero Waste – Italian brand Emroce encourages ethical consumption

A new small Italian brand – EMROCE – just joined our ECONYL® community and we reached out to hear about it from the voice of its designer and founder Emma Churchill. The slogan for my brand is “Inspiring the world to encourage ethical consumption.”And that is what I aim to do with my collections. I […]

12 Dic 2017
Il sistema di rigenerazione ECONYL® in seconda serata con Petrolio

Sabato 9 dicembre in seconda serata è andata in onda una puntata del programma Petrolio dedicato alla plastica e dal titolo Plastic Dreams. All’interno del programma si parla anche di Aquafil e del sistema di rigenerazione ECONYL® che permette di recuperare le reti da pesca dai mari e trasformarle, insieme ad altri rifiuti di Nylon, […]

07 Dic 2017
Giulio Bonazzi at the World Innovation Convention: Changing habits with the mentoring power of brands

Today Aquafil’s CEO Giulio Bonazzi was at the World Innovation Convention in Berlin for a keynote about “Changing Habits: The mentoring power brands can use to engage their customers and drive innovation.” The convention is at its 8th annual edition and is taking place from the 6th to the 8th of December 2017. The keywords […]

06 Dic 2017
Anche Aquafil con il filo ECONYL® nell’Atlante Italiano dell’economia circolare

Nasce l’Atlante italiano dell’economia circolare, un database che per ora include 100 aziende italiane con storie di economia circolare che raccontano un grande cambiamento in atto nel mondo dell’industria e dei sistemi di produzione. Tra le prime aziende presenti c’è anche Aquafil con il sistema di rigenerazione ECONYL® che permette di recuperare i rifiuti di […]

01 Dic 2017
Work therapy with Re-Athlete: a reintegration into society and working life

We recently discovered that one of our customers was involved in work therapy. We were curious to know more about it and reached out to learn more about this exciting project. Our customer is Re-Athlete, a German brand producing sustainable sportswear using the ECONYL® regenerated yarn and organic cotton. The clothing is intended for individual […]

01 Dic 2017
Helen Newcombe, founder of Davi J, among the most inspiring women of 2017 at Women of the Future Awards

On November 15, 2017 at the London Hilton on Park Lane, thirteen women were awarded at the eleventh Women of the Future Awards. Among them was Helen Newcombe, founder of Davy J, a company that makes swimwear with our ECONYL® regenerated yarn coming from waste material like fishing nets and old carpets. Helen Newcomb won […]

01 Dic 2017
Sustainable fashion can be circular and sexy

The Ellen Mac Arthur foundation just released the new report “A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future”, and we are excited to share it together with an excellent interview of Dame Ellen MacArthur and Stella McCartney by BBC. The report is full of interesting data about the textile world and its impact. It is meant […]

01 Dic 2017
MEDIUM – Saving the Oceans Means Saving Ourselves

An Inside Look at Ocean Protection Efforts with Veronika Mikos of Healthy Seas Oceans are the source of livelihood for millions of people, and the home to hundreds of thousands of distinct species. In fact, we’re all connected to the oceans, and we all have the responsibility to protect them. Recently, an important global event for […]

02 Nov 2017
MEDIUM – 5 interior design trends for 2018

From living bigger to living better By ege carpets Fashion and interior design still mirror time and society but have somewhat lost a little attractiveness in the bigger picture. Not completely, of course, but in the sense that other industries have grown in popularity — among these are technology and cars. Private and professional consumers seek a change […]


La scorsa settimana, mercoledì 25 ottobre, abbiamo tenuto il nostro primo webinar in inglese dedicato ad architetti e designer di interni. Il titolo era “Innovazione nella produzione di materiali e nella costruzione di edifici”. Il focus era sulla definizione di prodotti sostenibili nel design e nelle costruzioni e presentava alcuni delle certificazioni di sostenibilità più […]

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