Design is infinite. Style is infinite.
ECONYL® is infinite.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon opens up endless possibilities for the people who make and wear apparel.

Fashion-forward brands and designers use ECONYL® regenerated nylon to create beautiful products that also drive the industry towards a sustainable future. ECONYL® regenerated nylon performs exactly the same as brand new nylon but gives you a sustainability edge, turning trash into treasure.


In fashion, you can find ECONYL® regenerated nylon in high-end designer handbags, stylish clothes, hosiery and lingerie. And in sports, you can find it in high-performance sportswear, swimwear and outdoor apparel. ECONYL® regenerated nylon promotes constant creativity, wherever it’s used.

Discover the brands using ECONYL®

12 Jun 2018

‘Gucci Equilibrium’ to balance creativity with sustainability

On World Environmental Day, Gucci has launched its new ‘Gucci Equilibrium,’ an initiative and a website to explain their 10-year plan strategy that promises to “balance its creation and marketing of high-end fashion with a radical sustainability agenda.” The website has different sections that talk about raw materials, Gucci’s environmental performance, waste management and circular […]

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04 Jun 2018

Inhala Soulwear

Inhala Soulwear is an eco-friendly and mindful yoga wear for beautiful goddesses attune to Mother Earth. With care and love, they combine the highest quality of eco-friendly and innovative materials with creative designs, high vibrating colors and artistic prints. In their commitment to conscious production, they trace their supply chain in full to ensure that they […]

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04 Jun 2018

Port of Tarō collection

NOW_THEN new collection opens a conversation about life by the Ocean and its role in our existence. Port of Taro is inspired by Japanese culture and its bonds with the sea, often equated with the force of creation of the Kun‑umi legend. The ecoluxe swimwear line melds style and simplicity, fused with bold and graphic […]

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04 Jun 2018

Artic Flamingo

“We are conscious yogis and Earth is our yoga mat” At Arctic Flamingo, they don’t just make comfortable, eco-friendly yoga leggings with unique prints that are as soft as the Arctic snow. They challenge you to think about the impact your actions and buying decisions have on the environment. They want you to carry a message of eco-consciousness wherever you go. […]

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30 May 2018

Swimwear by Holiday Romance Store

Inspired by the romance of travel and the irresistible idea of life lived away from the mainland and mainstream, Holiday Romance Store is an environmentally conscious swimwear label designed for the faultless female form and founded on principles of sustainability. Hand-made in a small, family-run factory in Portugal, their swimwear is created with our 100% […]

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28 May 2018

Interview with Tina Ishak of Baythe Swim

We interviewed Tina Ishak, the designer behind Baythe Swim. The brand is all about minimalist and easily wearable swimwear designs that focus on quality sustainable fabrics but are affordable and, of course, look and feel good on the body! Baythe is strongly influenced by the laid back yet cool Bondi Beach summer vibes and all […]

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